Good afternoon, During this time we are in our houses because of the coronavirus and though we have been told, "to stay in, don't go outside," we are not locked in!!! What do I mean? There are some things God planted in you that calls for separation from people, the world, your job, your school and your friends/family.. Take this time to seek God, find your purpose and find who you are in Christ!!! God is preparing us for greatness!!! We shall come out of this storm stronger, better and wiser as Marvin Sapp sang!!! God is faithful and Just!!! God is getting to birth new visions, new testimonies, new promotions, new ministries and a new you!!!! This the moment to build on the things that you have been putting to the side because you are fearful!!! Don't operate in fear but, in FAITH!!! We got this!!! I finished my own book and built my own website; what are you waiting on?!? Don't die in your gifts, your calling nor your purpose God is calling you!!!! Take this time to get into HIs presence; to hear from Him!!!! God didn't create you to just sit on your gifts but, to bless the world!!!! COME ON JOIN IN AND MAKE THE ENEMY MAD!!!! CONTINUE TO CREATE, BUILD AND WRITE!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!!


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With every broken piece there is wholeness!!!!

With every broken piece there is wholeness!!!! Every piece that is broken in your life privately God is getting ready to make whole publicly in the name of Jesus!!!! Do you know how many times I have


Words are broken! Words are unjustified Words are deceptive Words are powerful I cry bloody tears! Tears of pain Tears of fear Tears of sorrow Tears of a black man being murdered down by police office

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