With every broken piece there is wholeness!!!!

With every broken piece there is wholeness!!!! Every piece that is broken in your life privately God is getting ready to make whole publicly in the name of Jesus!!!! Do you know how many times I have been broken privately and God used my private pain to bless me publicly; God used the broken pieces of my life to connect me back to him!!!!! Every broken piece of rejection; God gave me acceptance!!!! Every broken piece of pain; God gave healing!!!!! Every broken piece of broken friendships; God became my friend, wonderful counselor, dependable God!!!! Every broken piece of spiritual brokenness; God released new miracles, new oil, and a new sound!!!!!!! You shall be made whole, healed and SET FREE IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!! Because God will never leave you just broken; God is getting ready to position you for your HEALING, DELIVERANCE AND TRANSFORMATION!!!!!


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