Some people expect you to support them but, can't support you! I will continue on pushing, fighting and believing in me even when others can't see what I see!!! For every creative person who loves to dream BIG and dream beyond measures; don't stop believing, don't stop creating and don't stop dreaming because God is taking you to places where everyone can't go with you!!!!! Matter of fact, everyone is not given access to your life!!!! So stop stressing and stop worrying about folks; that God didn't allow to see your future!!! Building takes time and Obedience!!!! Don't worry about who watching you just make sure you do the Will of God!!!!!!

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With every broken piece there is wholeness!!!!

With every broken piece there is wholeness!!!! Every piece that is broken in your life privately God is getting ready to make whole publicly in the name of Jesus!!!! Do you know how many times I have


Popularity in God means sacrificing your want for a need Popularity in God means doing HIS WILL ]Popularity in God means some people are not willing to hear your voice Popularity in God means you do w


Words are broken! Words are unjustified Words are deceptive Words are powerful I cry bloody tears! Tears of pain Tears of fear Tears of sorrow Tears of a black man being murdered down by police office