Words are broken!

Words are unjustified

Words are deceptive

Words are powerful

I cry bloody tears!

Tears of pain

Tears of fear

Tears of sorrow

Tears of a black man being murdered down by police officers

We do as we told but yet, we are murdered by the hands of officers who supposed to serve and protect

We cry bloody tears!!! We cry for justice!!! We cry for peace!!!!

We are the African descent of our ancestors, kings and queens!!!!

We are royalty

To my brothers and sisters who have been murdered by the hands of a officer

I stand for you!

I run with you

I gasp for air, for you

I wear a hoodie for you

Your name will never go in vain!!

The faces that doesn't b have a name

We stand, We fight for you too!!!

Bloody Tears flowing in our communities

We are afraid to die by the hands of a officer than, getting the COVID-19

We have a president who is racist, xenophobia and a sexist

We are fighting to live everyday

Why are people colorblind to the truth

Don't you all know what we are facing

Open your eyes! Black men and Black women are dying sometimes the faces doesn't make the news

Bloody tear!!!!! How much tears of blood we are going to shed until we all drown by the hands of every police officer!!!



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